Out of the Blue



When it comes to Extreme Sports, at the top of most people’s list is Sky Diving. Its at the top of mine.

Fear is a huge barrier to get past. Oh yeah! I get excited when I think about free-falling, and sailing my parachute high above the ground, seeing the gorgeous views at my feet, feeling the wind blow me around… while I’m on the ground.

Up in the air is a different story. I’m nervous, I’m reassuring myself, I’m gearing up to step my feet off that plane, out that door. Its Fear I have to let go of, Fear that’s keeping my feet on the plane, or on the ground. Solid feels safe! That’s what my mind is saying. Air?… hahaaaa!

Everything leading up to my Jump, the call to schedule, the drive, the gear, every thing I have to do that gets me to stepping off the plane, is one more step in acknowledging my fear and Just Doin’ It!

And that’s the part that really gets me. Ok! I’m Afraid! I’m Very Afraid! Got it! Now its Go time! Arch thousand, Two thousand, Three thousand, Relax!

Sky Diving has given me a greater sense of living in the moment. I’m only living one life! May as well just do it, Extraordinarily!


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