Doing it in Brazil


Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil… one of many dangerous hikes South America has to offer.

Recently I interviewed a Jiujitsu fighter, Diego, native of Sao Paolo, Brazil who told me stories of his experience on Sugarloaf. “People have died on this hike.” Shaking his head, he exhaled through his teeth, “Is a very difficult climb! Straight up, you reach the top, and it’s straight down the other side. Its no a easy thing!”

My eyes lit up as I listened. This was exactly the thing I wanted to do!

Diego, reclined in the cafe chair, recalling the beach. “You get down, and there is the beach that only the boats can go. No many people go there…”

I let my imagination explore, listening… His Portuguese accent heavy as he went on to tell me of this paradise. Brazil… I’m doing it!


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