Beach in a Bucket

Ask anyone! The ideal place to be, is at the Beach!

ImageWe all have this idea that anything to do with Beach is, well, relaxing, amazing…

Feel the breeze on my face, the softness of the warm sand on my feet as I walk, the sun and all its glory smiling down on my skin, the smell of salt filling my senses, the sound of my bucket of ice and Coronas clinking and dripping as I carry my ideal Beach Relaxation in a Bucket, to… The Spot!

On every vacation, Beach is on the list. The perfect place to relax, and enjoy being alive. We even rush to get there early enough.

Its on my list as well, and I make every effort to spend my time,… wisely relaxing in the sand and sun.


Taking it to a new level… Skydiving! Beach Bucketlist. The Ultimate rush,… to get to the Beach. Need I say more?!


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