Long Enough?

Beautiful, Exotic, Relaxing, Adventure, New, Exciting, Spa, Sleep, Fun, Beach, Food, Tropics, Enjoyment, Pleasure, Peaceful, Sweet, Perfect ~

Words. Words, that invoke a kind of effect, when VACATION is on the brain.

Okay, okay!, it was my brain, and I was thinking about Thailand. It was great!! Completely relaxing as well as excitable cause that’s what I think it will be like when I’m there, enjoying my vacation.

We all do it! Envision what it will be like when we are there. Words are powerful effect-makers and I love it!!

Envision this: I step off the plane, my ride comes, and takes me back to the office and the work waiting for me on my desk, and Drama, and all the problems I have to solve.

What did that do for you?
It actually put stress on my shoulders and I was bummed.

That’s why we take fabulous vacations, to give back to ourselves the excitement for life we lose in the drudgery and drama of living day to day in our society.

What I discovered is that my vaca simply is not long enough!

It’s kinda sad coming back to the ordinary routine, because there is the well known feeling off knowing ‘I gotta go back to work’, and to the life that is mine.

Here’s where I found that my vaca can continue at work and with the people around me. Plan another one!! It’s that simple!

And I’m going to have the time of my life!!


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