It’s big, really BIG!

Everyone has a Dream. And we all know who the great peeps were to live their glorious Dream, right? But who actually knows anyone living their Dream, right now?

Okay! I have one too. (drumroll please…) My Dream is to get paid to vacation with my kids. BAM!

I’ve had this dream for more than 10 years and now I’m making it happen! WoopWoop!!

My team and I have built an extraordinary company, Travel Extreme, from the ground up and it only has been made possible with those positive people who’ve pushed me to being greater than my circumstances. That’s the secret!!

Positive Thinkers make it work out there! They are the successful shoulders I’m riding on!
Doing greater is only going to BE if I surround myself with those guys! (Hey! Thanks guys for the hop-on! The ride is simply fabulous! Wink!)

Find out what works and doesn’t, and then clean house! Boot the Debbie Downer hangers-on, cause you’ll need peeps to help you Fly!

Dreams are not just out there to think about and hold in the recesses of the mind. Just in case they are, then hear my advice float around in there: Stop being a Pussy! Go Live it!

Really, you only have… how many more years on this planet?!!! Exactly!

No dream is too silly or small. Every dream is BIG and GREAT!

I always wanted to give my sons a great example of how they should live life. I am, because I’m committed to taking risks and going for it! I’m committed to succeeding!

Positive thinking makes Dreams a reality. Get yours!


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