Zen Spelunking

You wouldn’t think those two things go together… They do! (actually they may not) but I believe you can have Zen meditation anywhere you want. If you know what you are about, that is. (umm, that wouldn’t be me! lol!)

I happened to have it on the Beach, …in a Cave.

Yes a CAVE!

Eric Grimsrud, of Travel Extreme, and I went exploring.

As do most Beaches around the World, the coast called to us.

Travel ExtremeTravel ExtremeTravel ExtremeCaveZen Cave, Travel ExtremeZen Cave, Travel ExtremeEric Grimsrud, Travel ExtremeKaren Gibson, Travel Extreme

I actually really liked sitting, meditating in the sand, being still, listening to the waves crash on the beach, the pelicans and seagulls honking their gossip, the wind blowing my hair around, the warmth of the last rays of sunlight still in the sand… It was peaceful and I’ll do it again.

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