blowing steam on the South American Ice Volcano

Chimborazo, Ecuador

Chimborazo Volcano Climb

The inactive Volcano is covered in ICE! Only extremely brave climbers dare this, with picks and other … serious and not so serious … tools… ahem!

I’ve never climbed a glacier before, not like THIS! (hot glacier training a must)

Found in the Avenida de los Volcanes, Andes range, Chimborazo is no walk in the park. After a full 12 hr+ day of awesome mt. climbing, frozen fingers dial the masseuse. Next time, schedule the spa day in advance!  and extra hand warmers… yep!

Check it out with Travel Extreme‘s Team! You won’t want to miss it!!

Cool Fact: The unique volcano rises a good 3,967.1 mi from the center of the Earth! (my question… who measured? the Mole people? Okay okay, settle down scifi nerd!)


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