Zen-ding on Editor’s Note

There is a moment when we see something “out there” up close and it no longer lives for us out there, but over here.

There was a moment like that 3 years ago when I realized I could actually fulfill on my dreams. My dreams that were there in the back of my mind, like a mirage in the distance.

One such, was when I was 16 I dreamed of living by the ocean and having a beautiful grand hotel. It always was out there, in wishful thinking until one day in recent years I changed the way I thought and I wrote down each thing I had dreamed.

What I discovered was that this dream I had had as a young lady was still there, very much present. I brought that to the foreground and put it on my vision board, prayed about it and started talking about it.

Soon I found myself with money in my hand, buying property in Costa Rica to build that dream by the beach.

What has transpired since the actions I took has been quite an amazing adventure and I’m still riding it! I’m now at the point where I’m raising the funding for “Kilani” to be the place for people to receive healing and love, in a beautiful jungle paradise.


One thing I have learned as an entrepreneur is that in order for people to take you seriously, you must first have skin in the game. This perfect spot of paradise is it!

Who am I?

I am Karen Gibson.

Born and raised in the jungles of Colombia, South America, I live life fabulously in California, one moment at a time.

When I went to Costa Rica 2 years ago, I felt like I was home. What called me there was some great Power pulling me and I answered. Being from Colombia, I was very comfortable with everything, my surroundings, the sounds of monkeys, and birds. I felt so Alive.

It was this place, this beautiful piece of land that had me stop and breathe. Life breathed into me and I knew somehow, this was it! Kilani.

Ki – “Life Force” and Lani – “From the Heavens”

This is the name I gave it. For it is the name I had chosen to give my first daughter, had I given birth to a daughter. It is special to me and precious.

Kilani Spa is being created with love and life, healing and laughter. It is created in Community. People coming together to build it up, Causing it to happen.

I love the old west tradition of raising the barn or home. The entire village would come together to build a new barn or a home for the newly weds. This coming together is what I am doing for this Project.

So join my Team of amazing people, help us build up this place of healing and nurturing for the mind, body and spirit and be part of it. This place is for you to find yourself, heal your body and grow your spirit.

As I continue, I shall update on Kilani and I will also be posting videos about the process. This is a new Adventure for me and I am learning as I go. I am getting advice from many who have gone before me, and I’m discovering myself in this process of Action.

Please contact me for any feedback you may have, connections you would like to put me in touch with, and for creating a divinely ordered Kilani Community. Thank you and may you be absolutely blessed to be part of this journey with me.




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